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Advanced Sports Psychology

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As the head coach of a high performance team, he or she must have the necessary expertise to lead the group's performance. In addition to being able to tactically and technically handle the sport, coaches also need to have the necessary knowledge of sports psychology. The mental preparation of athletes is very important in order to improve their performance. At the international level, the differences in experience and physical skills are usually small. Having the necessary expertise and connections with the sport psychology community can help coaches connect with their athletes. Although some teams and athletes may have direct access to a sports psychology program, most coaches will play a significant role in developing the training plan for their athletes. This course is designed for coaches who want to improve their athletes' performance and develop a strong team culture. It will introduce them to the latest research on the subject of psychological training. This course will introduce the participants to the core functions of coaches. These include shaping the environment, developing relationships, and conducting practices and competitions.

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$1,380.00/week + $4,268.00 General (Facility, Technology, Uniform)


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